okolice enCieplice - (since 1976 a district of Jelenia Góra at the junction of the Kamienna and Wrzosówka rivers). It is the oldest spa in Poland, first health facilities date back to 1288. At present Cieplice possesses a few hospitals and sanatoriums, natural medicine establishment and a pump room. The spa has 8 springs of  mineral water containing compounds of sulphur and same barium, manganese, copper, fluorine and titanium. Local thermal waters (temperature up to 900 C) are used for baths, inhalation and drinking. The spa provides treatment in diseases of orthopaedic, nervous and urinary systems. Therapeutic mud helps to cure eye and throat illness. Cieplice has many historic monuments,e.g. Cistercian, catholic church of S. John the Baptist, monastery; baroque protestant church (late 18th c.), late-baroque Schaffgotsch palace (nowadays the seat of the branch of Wrocław Technical University, spa-theatre and culture house located in former French-style garden, now a spa-park, Museum of Nature in Norwegian Park, with a fine collection of birds and butterflies.


Karpacz - a town located at the foot of Mt. Śnieżka, from 530 to 890 m above sea level, in the Łomnica river valley. It is a renowned tourist resort and winter sports centre. Karpacz is an excellent start for hikes or bike excursions. Most tourist routes start from “Biały Jar” bus- stop and the main destinations are: the top of Mt. Śnieżka or the Small and Large Lakes. Other places worth visiting are:


  • Vang temple (12th c.) – a small church built of pine-wood in Nordic-Romanesque style.
  • In the mid-19th c. the church was brought here from Norway and still serves the Protestants.
  • Our Lady catholic church (early 19th c.), with baroque and rococo altar,
  • herbalist house (mid 19th c.),
  • stylish guest-houses,
  • chair-lift to Mt. Kopa (1375 m.), from which there is a good access to Mt. Śnieżka. (The lift is 2230 m long, and 530 m of vertical span)
  • Museum of Sports and Tourism of the Karkonosze region,
  • Museum of Toys from the collection of Henryk Tomaszewski, including dolls and toys from different times and countries,
  • Krucze Skały (Raven Rocks), 25 m high
  • unique cirques of Small and Large Lakes, the Łomniczka river valley, Pielgrzymy and Słonecznik rocks,
  • “the judicial linden tree” (of 5 m perimeter) nearby a “judical inn” from 1836. Here used to take place the local trial courts ,
  • in Ściegny, not for from Karpacz there is a Western City.



Szklarska Poręba -This tourist resort is situated in the Karkonosze and the Izerskie Mts., on the Kamienna and the Kamieńczyk rivers from 450 to 890 meters above sea level. Szklarska Poręba lies at the foot of Mt. Szrenica (1361 meters). It is the largest tourist and holiday resort in this part of the Sudeten. In winter it is a paradise for fans of down-hill skiing, in summer – for lovers of hiking. The most attractive tracks lead to the top of Mt. Szrenica, to the Snow Cirques or to popular mountain hotels “Na Hali Szrenickiej” and “Pod Łabskim Szczytem”. Mt. Szrenica is accessible, as well, be a two-part chair-lift (in total 2800 m long, 600 m high). The slopes of Mt. Szrenica attract skiers with modern ski-arena facilities (including artificial snowing and lighting systems and many T-bar lifts). This ski-centre has developed 12,5 km of ski-runs; for beginners and advanced skiers. Nearby JAKUSZYCE is a splendid area for cross-country skiing, the ski-tracks are some 100 km long. The most important sports event here is the annual  25 and 50 km cross-country skiing race “Bieg Piastów”. The climate of the Karkonosze enables practising skiing for long time, the snow covers upper parts for 7 months, from November until May.  Szklarska Poręba has, as well, a good network of cycle-routes. Picturesque location and good climate make Szklarska Poręba an attractive resort all year round.


Mt. Łysa Góra - (708m.) lies in the Kaczawskie Mts. {the highest hills are: Baraniec (718 m.), Skopiec (720 m.), Okole (721 m.),}. “Łysa Góra” is a ski-centre with a number of ski-runs (each 1000 m long), ski-lifts, artificial snowing and lighting systems, ski-rental and catering service.

One of the ski-lifts is open at every summer weekend (from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m.),tourists can practise scooter rides here.
Nearby there is a mountain-bike route, running across beautiful countryside and forest paths. On Saturdays and Sundays you are welcome to the cafe’ atop Łysa Góra.